Engage ONE Agent Only

Professional property buyers
While it is standard practice to pay an agent to sell your home, we have – until recently – been on our own when it came to inspecting properties and negotiating the best price. In many ways therefore, it makes sense to hire an expert to help you purchase a property. After all, if you are dealing with a professional selling agent who is trained to entice would-be buyers into paying their highest price for a property, why would you not want the services of a skilled property scout and negotiator who knows what you want and how to get it for you for a fair (or better than fair) deal. And that is exactly why and how buyer’s agents have, for many people, become a hassle-free way of finding and buying their next properties.

Qualifications and experience
Buyer’s agents usually come from real estate agent backgrounds and have much knowledge and experience in the way their counter-parts are trained and operate. They may in fact still be practicing real estate agents – find out their background and qualifications to make certain you are dealing with someone who knows the business and can deliver what they promise. When looking into their services check out their methods for determining the value of a property and make sure they receive no commission from the vendor or agent – they should be working for your interests only.

Services offered
Generally speaking, buyer’s agents could be hired to search out suitable properties for their clients and/or to negotiate the purchase price of the property on behalf of their client, whether by private treaty or auction. Buyer’s agents are also regularly used to bid for clients at auctions, thereby taking the stress out of the auction while also benefiting the buyer with their expertise in auction tactics.

Time and money saved
According to the services required, buyer’s agents charges will vary from a set fee to a percentage of the purchase price, however, buyer’s agents’ services continue to attract their custom because of the time and money they save in the long run. As well as not having to spend the weeks (or months), of looking through newspapers, internet sites, visiting real estate agents and driving around to open houses, the buyer’s agent’s experience in the industry and emotional detachment from the purchase and their confidence in the negotiation process have given their clients the right houses for the right prices.