My Owner Service Pledge

I am dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you market your property. To fulfill this commitment, I agree to provide you with the following services:

1. Dedicate myself to making the process of buying your next property as easy and as smooth as possible.

2. Respect you, your needs and be honest and forthright.

3. Hold your best interests in the highest regard throughout the process.

4. Value and respect your time, being as efficient and effective as possible.

5. Understand your needs and respond quickly.

6. Use my base of experience, knowledge, tools and the most up-to-date training to best serve you.

7. Provide regular progress reports throughout the process and discuss with your comments received about your property.

8. Explain each step of the process and act as a guide to help you make most informed decisions.

9. Make recommendations to enhance the marketability of your property.

10. Use a written Competitive Market Analysis and local market information to help you set the right listing price to sell your home and get the value you deserve.

11. Develop, present and agree upon a Customized Marketing Plan that will detail specific promotional efforts to help best market your property.

12. Provide worldwide exposure for your property on the Internet, including posting your property on, a site which receives hundreds thousands of visitors each month.

13. Submit to you all written offers, assist with negotiations, and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds, so you understand all implications prior
to any acceptance.

14. Upon acceptance of an offer to you, pre-settlement (escrow) activities throughout the closing process will be monitored as permitted by law or local practice.

15. Assist you in finding your next home, or offer to refer you to another office in another location.